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Popularity of the poker game

Poker has become one of the most popular games in the Unites states today and its popularity is spreading to all parts of the globe. For gone from the days when it was considered a game to be played at home at a weekly poker game with middle aged men. Today, there is poker everywhere, from the casinos to the online casinos and the poker tournaments on television. But why is this so? What is the attraction of poker from all the games that the casinos offer?

Firstly, it is because of the game itself. It is a game that is based both on chance and on skill. On one hand, it is a gambling game, and that means that if you don’t get the right cards, then there is very little that you can do. On the other hand, in order to win you must be very skillful and knowledgeable about the game, since there is a high degree of skill involved. This gives people feelings that they are in control of the game and that they stand a chance of winning of they play right. And perhaps the best way to play poker is in the online casino where you can play the games for free until you feel comfortable enough to play the games for real money.…

Poker Pot Odds

Pot odds is the most fundamental part of each player’s poker strategy. If you do not know poker pot odds you should not play poker. If you have just finished learning the Rules Of Texas Hold’em you definitely should learn to use poker pot odds before moving to the rest of our Texas Hold’em articles. Poker pot odds is the tool good players use to justify a call of a bet. In most poker games you will have one out of three situations:

The first situation is when you get to the flop and you are without a doubt beaten. If you get into a flop with a QhJh and the flop turns to be Ac5c9d you definitely have nothing and you should check and fold without hesitating.

The second situation is when you have the strongest possible hand on the flop. If you get to the flop with KcQc and the flop is Kd7h2c you definitely hold a Strong Hand and should either bet or raise. In this case the ‘right’ move is quite clear and depends mostly on the game you are in and your read on your opponents.

The third situation is where the poker pot odds help you determine whether you should call or fold – when you do not have a hand yet but you have a possible draw that will form a strong hand. For example, you are entering the pot with the same KcQc and the flop shows a 7c10c5d. Although you do not have any hand at the moment you have a good chance to draw a flush, or to draw a king or a queen and get a top pair. Here is where pot odds comes into play.

Pot odds is quite a simple tool, it basically measures your chances to form a strong hand, the amount of money you risk and the amount of money you can potentially win. Poker pot odds do not necessarily predict the outcome of each and every hand but it gives you a very good outlook on the profitability of an action on the long run.

Using poker pot odds is quite easy. Let’s take the following hand as example – you enter a pot with a KhQh. The flop shows Jd10c5s. At the moment you have an open straight draw. In this situation you have 8 out cards (cards that will help you form …